Timothy Woods after knocking himself out Friday.

Plenty of MMA fights end in knockouts, but it’s much rarer to see a self-inflicted knockout. That’s what happened to Timothy Woods at the CES MMA 48 event in Rhode Island Friday night, though. Just over a minute into his fight against Tim Caron, Woods was clinched up against the cage and tried to slam Caron to the mat. But Woods hit his own head on the fall and wound up taking the worst of it, getting knocked out:

Caron then rolled on top of Woods and started throwing punches, but fortunately, the referee quickly intervened to stop the fight. Woods stayed down for a couple of minutes and received medical attention, but then came to.

Woods was taken out of the ring on a stretcher, but was able to move his arms as he left. He tweeted a couple hours later to thank fans for the support and the organization for letting him fight.

On Saturday, he said doctors checked him out and gave him a clean bill of health:

It’s good to hear that Woods is all right. That’s a scary-looking hit. And one of the odder endings to any MMA fight.

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