This is either a simple coincidence or evidence of supernatural abilities but something interesting happened at the end of Thursday’s Cavs-Spurs game. It wasn’t so much what happened on the court, but what took place on an episode of Seinfeld in 1991.

In the season two episode “The Heart Attack,” George, Kramer, and Jerry visit a holistic healer that Kramer knows in order for George to avoid having his tonsils removed. Trying to figure out something he wrote while half-asleep, Jerry asks Tor Eckman the healer if he can figure out what he wrote. Tor had a laugh and said it was “Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109.”

It took 28 years but Tor’s prophecy came true as Cleveland defeated San Antonio by the exact same score in overtime.

Since the episode aired, this is the first time that Cleveland beat San Antonio 117-109. The closest it ever happened was when the Cavs won 117-107 but that was in 1988 so it wouldn’t exactly be a prediction.

Whether Tor actually had supernatural abilities or it was just a coincidence, it’s pretty amusing that an episode of Seinfeld from 28 years ago actually predicted the same teams, the same winner and loser, and the same score. I wonder what else Seinfeld will predict right in the years to come.

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