Boris Diaw is one interesting man.

The coffee connoisseur has had an up-and-down career but in recent years found a place as Greg Popovich’s secret weapon off the bench for the San Antonio Spurs. Diaw’s interests extend far past the basketball world, heck, they extend past planet Earth. In an interview with the NBPA’s Jared Zwerling, Diaw said one day he’d like to travel to space.

“I will go to space at some point,” the Spurs’ veteran forward tells the NBPA in his office at his Shavano Park home, located in northwest San Antonio. “I won’t say in the next 10 years, but maybe in 30.”

Diaw has earned tens of millions of dollars in his career, so as absurd as his claim seems to be, he should have the money to make it happen.

The-33-year-old France native said in the interview he loves to travel and one day hopes to marry a flight attendant. Zwerling reports since his rookie season back in 2004, Diaw has gone on African safaris every offseason, including visits in Botswana, South Africa, and Botswana. Space seems like the logical next step for a traveler who wants to see it all.

Diaw told Zwelling he lives in the moment. He said along with going to space, he intends on sailing around the world.

“I’m going to sail around the world with my boat,” Diaw says. “I really cherish that freedom for sure being able to go and travel. So many people say it, they’re going to travel around the world, and they never get to it. The only thing that I set is going around the world.”

You can’t knock Diaw’s ambition. As Zwerling notes, Diaw has accomplished quite a bit off the basketball court recently, including publishing a book with National Geographic Kids and completing a short film. If anybody can make going to space happen, it’s probably Diaw.


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