Hornets fans gathered at a draft party were largely upset when the team took Brandon Miller over Scoot Henderson No. 2. Hornets fans react to the team selecting Brandon Miller

There was no doubt that Victor Wembanyama was going to be selected No. 1 overall in the NBA Draft. The first mystery of the event came at No. 2, with the Charlotte Hornets picking between Alabama’s Brandon Miller and the NBA G League Ignite’s Scoot Henderson.

At least one large gathering of the team’s fans was not happy when Miller was selected.

Fans of The Crown Club CLT gathered together, anxiously awaiting the pick. A nervous silence fell over them as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver walked to the stage. As soon as Silver announced Miller, it became clear that Henderson was the favored pick of this gathering.

For anyone trying to think of a comparison, think of the movie Step Brothers, when Will Ferrell’s Brennan Huff and John C. Reilly’s Dale Doback broke down after their mother and father told them of their pending divorce. Only, this wasn’t just two people.

The Crown Club CLT later clarified the overall frustration. The negative reaction wasn’t really about Miller, as much as it was thinking that Henderson was the better prospect. It also tweeted out a message of support, saying “Regardless of you wanted, the Hornets did in fact get better tonight.”


This fan base has experienced a lot of frustration of late. The team hasn’t made the playoffs since the 2015-16 season and hasn’t won a first-round series since the 2001-02 campaign, the final season before the original incarnation of the franchise moved and became who we now know as the New Orleans Pelicans.

We can certainly understand why Hornets fans are on edge.

Time will, of course, be the judge of how well this video ages.

[The Crown Club CLT, Photo Credit: Will Kunkel]

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