Ja Morant Grizzlies Mar 1, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant (12) reacts after scoring a basket during the first quarter against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rapper Cam’ron has some advice for Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant: Stick to basketball.

Morant is on the verge of what many believe is a lengthy suspension from the NBA because of incidents involving him brandishing a gun at various times.

But the rapper has said, according to TMZ Sports, that Morant needs to straighten his life out and understand that he doesn’t need to fall more in love with the streets than his career.

Cam’ron played basketball himself but couldn’t get into a major college because of his grades, so he went the junior college route in Texas.

He posted pictures of his playing days on his Instagram page and, just like Morant, threw up gang signs. Not long afterward, he was kicked out of school for pistol-whupping someone, so he knows what he speaks.

At least he had his music career to fall back on, but what does Morant have if he is kicked out of the league? He can always play internationally, but that would mean taking a massive pay cut and the Grizzlies releasing him from his contract, which will not likely happen.

Morant’s career is on the line, and from the sounds of it, the NBA has more proof of his activities, which doesn’t sound promising for him.

The league said they would announce his punishment after the NBA Finals, which could mean a decision will be made this week.

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