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With LGBTQ Pride Month coming to a close a few days ago, former NBA All-Star point guard Gilbert Arenas made it pretty clear that he was not among those celebrating last month.

During a recent appearance on Vlad TV, Gilbert Arenas blasted the LGBTQ community, calling it “the most unfair group walking the planet,” claiming that the community has a rulebook that it makes up as it goes.

“I think it’s the most unfair group walking the planet right now. They have a playbook that only they’re playing by. No one else gets to see this playbook, but we’re being judged by everything that’s in this playbook,” Arenas said according to Fox News. “But we don’t know it. So, there’s no open dialogue about what is appropriate and what’s not. We only find out after we [mess] up. That’s unfair. That’s [freaking] unfair. You can’t do that. How do I know something’s wrong until you give it to me?”

When asked to give an example of what he was talking about, Arenas appeared to bring up preferred pronouns.

“Just words, phrases. Like he, she, it, they. … How do we know? You’re making it up as we go,” Arenas claimed. “There’s not like there’s this [freaking] dictionary of updates, and we can sit there, click it and say, ‘All right I can’t say … they took this out. They added this in.’ We’re just learning, right? That’s really unfair that you can cancel somebody on a playbook that only you have.”

Arenas’ comments generated quite a lot of conversation on social media.


It’s safe to say that Arenas’ stance is not very popular.

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