Javale McGee has been in the NBA for…(checks Basketball-Reference)…holy crap, nine seasons now, and he’s never quite broken through to the superstar level his build and athletic gifts belie.

At least not on the basketball court. In other endeavors, though, he can still beast just about anyone, and when the sport is table tennis, and the opposition are children, things go just about exactly how you’d expect.

As long as what you expect is Javale McGee toying with children before emphatically putting them away. that is.

This is the only acceptable way to play ping pong against children. I once visited my friends who have three daughters, all fairly young, and they wanted to play me in ping pong. So I spent the appropriate amount of time just trying to hit it back to them, while they swung away, not caring whether their returns caught a piece of the table or not. If they managed to hit it back over the net at all, they’d do a little dance and yell “Point for me! Point for me!”

After about thirty minutes or so of this, they lobbed one up that bounced high off my side of the table, and I just absolutely punished it with a smash, and then proceeded to loudly yell “Point for me! Point for me!”

The girls loved it, and apparently asked the next day if I could come back and play sometime.

Anyway, Javale McGee is fun, and that ping pong match was likely just a preview for how lopsided this NBA Finals is going to be. Play ping pong instead of watch, is what I’m saying, I guess.

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