The Warriors did not come out sharply this afternoon, as the Spurs opened up a 20-point lead at halftime, 62-42. Fortunately for Golden State, they had their head coach in the building for the first time since the first round of the postseason.

No one really knew how hands-on Kerr would be with the team; Mike Brown has coached in his absence, and Kerr is on record as not wanting to meddle so as to avoid confusion.

Kerr did address the team at halftime, though, and ABC aired it in its entirety:

It’s impossible to tell how much the speech inspired the Warriors third-quarter comeback, but they entered the fourth trailing just nine points. (It’s likely not as big a factor as Kawhi Leonard being forced out of the game midway through the third after landing on Zaza Pachulia’s ankle, but hey, it was a factor nonetheless. Leonard will not return.)

The game has been entertaining despite San Antonio leading the whole way, and it looks like it could be a tight finish if Golden State can get over the hump. Hopefully Leonard can return for game 2 regardless of today’s outcome.

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