Jaylen Brown Oct 7, 2022; Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown in action against the Charlotte Hornets in the first half at Greensboro Coliseum Complex. Mandatory Credit: Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Billionaire rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, has come under fire recently for his hateful antisemitic comments. But while Adidas and many other companies are pulling away from their partnerships amid the controversy, it does not seem like Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown will be doing that.

Jaylen Brown is a member of Kanye West’s Donda Sports marketing agency. And despite the recent controversy, he told the Boston Globe that he intends to stay with the agency, even though he condemns West’s controversial comments.

“First, I don’t condone any hurt, harm, or danger toward any group of people or individuals whatsoever,” said Brown told the Globe. “I’ve been a member of my community, trying to uplift my community, and I’m going to continue to do that.”

Brown said his decision to stay with Donda Sports is more about what he sees in the organization and not directly related to Ye.

“A lot of time goes into creating an entity or organization,” he said. “The reason why I signed with Donda Sports, it represented education, it represented activism, disruption, it represented single-parent households, and a lot more people are involved in something like that. A lot of people that I work with, work with their families, build love and respect for, spending time in the summer. A lot of people involved. That’s what the organization from my vantage point from Donda Sports represented.

“I think it continues to represent that and it’s a sensitive topic for a lot of people. But a lot of stuff you see me doing in the community and you’ve already seen me doing in the community is a direct translation from what that organization has stood for.”

Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald is also signed with Donda Sports, but he has given no indication whether he intends to stay with the agency.