Jayson Tatum ejection Kevin Durant reaction

Monday’s matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Oklahoma City Thunder featured one of the worst technical foul calls thus far this NBA season — something that Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant made clear on social media.

The play occurred when Celtics star Jayson Tatum was called for a personal foul early in the second quarter.

Tatum then clapped his hands in frustration and was subsequently issued an egregious technical foul for his response.

Following that, Durant reached out on Twitter and blasted the call.

“Jayson Tatum just received the worst tech I’ve ever seen in the NBA in a while. I’m actually laughing,” Durant tweeted.

The NBA world seems to agree with Durant, blasting the official for his questionable call on Tatum.

The play also came right after a missed layup from Tatum, which may have sparked his frustration much more compared to the personal foul he received before the technical foul.

He was clearly extremely confused after receiving the tech, and it certainly seems like he had every right to be confused with the call.

This latest call has become a trend for Jayson Tatum, with this latest technical foul being his fourth on the season — tied for the second most in the NBA.

Fortunately for Tatum, the Celtics went on to win the game, defeating the Thunder 126-122. But this call absolutely has everyone involved extremely confused and upset.

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