LeBron James wear Knicks towel

Plenty of NBA fans noticed when LeBron James did a postgame interview Saturday night with a New York Knicks towel draped over his shoulders.

Some fans thought it might just be a coincidence that James did the ABC interview with the “New York Knicks” lettering perfectly showing over both shoulders. But even NASCAR drivers don’t have logos displayed that perfectly on their uniforms.

The overwhelming majority of fans thought that James was sending a clear message just days ahead of the Feb. 8 NBA trade deadline.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst of ESPN, who has covered James’ career since high school, said the Los Angeles Lakers star was sending a clear message, in brilliant fashion.

“Obviously LeBron often wears towels and this is why it’s so brilliant because he has perfect deniability,” Windhorst said on his Hoops Collective podcast (via The New York Post).

“He can just be like, ‘Oh, I just put a towel around my shoulders. What are you talking about? You guys are out of your mind.’ But this is what LeBron excels at. He computes all this stuff.

“Of course, he was cognizant and aware he was putting on a towel that said New York Knicks. Why would he mess with the Knicks? Because he was using the Knicks as a tool to pressure the Lakers.”

James’ status approaching the trade deadline is complicated. The Lakers are 26-25 and in ninth place in the Western Conference. James doesn’t play to fight for a No. 8 seed. James himself fueled speculation about a possible trade last week when he posted an hourglass emoji on X.

James’ name has been tied to several other teams in the trade market. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith even said he’d look good in a Knicks uniform.

“If LeBron James wants to put himself in position to win a championship, get traded to the New York Knicks,” Smith said Friday.

James agent, Rich Paul, tried to quiet the rumors Friday, telling ESPN, “LeBron won’t be traded, and we aren’t asking to be.”

Yet a day later, James appeared to be sending a different message with a towel. Stay tuned.

[The New York Post; Photo Credit: ESPN on ABC]

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