Joel Embiid Photo Credit: ABC

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid was a late scratch from Saturday’s night game against the Denver Nuggets, with the team citing “knee soreness” for his absence.

Denver’s fans weren’t buying that excuse and when Embiid emerged from the locker room at Ball Arena in the second half, the home fans let the reigning NBA MVP know how they felt.

Embiid didn’t appear too concerned, cupping his hand to his ear and egging on the crowd.

Here’s another look at the crowd’s reaction.

It’s hard to blame fans for being miffed Embiid missed the nationally televised game. It cost them a chance to see him match up with Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokić, who won the two previous MVP awards before Embiid.

It’s the fourth consecutive time Embiid has been held out of a game in Denver dating to 2019. There is always a question about whether a player has a legitimate injury/ailment or is sitting because of “load management,” a practice the NBA has tried to limit. Yet Nuggets fans made it clear how they felt.

NBA fans elsewhere thought Embiid got what he deserved.

[ESPN; Photo Credit: ABC]

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