The 2022 NBA Draft is Thursday night and that means all of your favorite traditions are back. Awkward handshakes, exciting trade rumors, and very wild suits worn by very tall men.

Paolo Banchero is expected to be one of the first basketball players taken in the draft this evening but he’s already made headlines thanks to his purple suit that Prince would be proud to wear.

This extremely colorful selection wasn’t just by chance. Banchero, who grew up in Seattle, WA, specifically wore the purple suit out of respect for his parents, who wanted him to attend Washington.

“I wore this color cause everyone gave my parents some heat for me not going to UW where they went so this was like an I’m sorry,” Banchero said.

All things equal, it appears that the Duke product, who is about to become a millionaire, won’t have to say sorry to his parents for his decisions for much longer.

While it’s certainly a sweet notion, the extremely purple suit caught the attention of the NBA and basketball world, who absolutely needed to make sure that their comments and reactions were known on social media. Along with the requisite Prince and Joker references, Washington Huskies fans were especially lit up considering the reminder of what could have been.

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