Nuggets forward Peyton Watson had a chance for two easy points. Instead, he committed a blooper that will certainly end up on Shaqtin' a Fool. Photo Credit: TNT Photo Credit: TNT

Already leading 86-73 in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s NBA Finals rematch against the Miami Heat, Peyton Watson had a chance to give the Denver Nuggets a 15-point lead in style.

He did the exact opposite.

Miami’s Duncan Robinson appeared to be tripped by Watson after catching a pass, but no foul was called. Denver’s Reggie Jackson picked up the loose ball and passed it ahead to Watson, who had a clear lane to the hoop. Watson took off with his feet straddling the dotted semicircle in front of the free-throw line. Watson was going for a windmill dunk but as he got in the air, seemed to realize he was gonna come up short. So instead of dunking it, he tried a layup — which did not work.

Making matters worse for Watson, Miami’s Jimmy Butler, who was trailing the play, grabbed the rebound, drove the length of the floor and hit a floating jumper.

Watson’s blunder was the subject of a lot of jokes on Thursday night.

Fortunately for Watson, while the Heat made the game close after this, the Nuggets still ultimately prevailed 103-97. Winning the game probably spared him the wrath of his teammates. But win, lose, or draw, this play is going to be part of blooper reels for a while to come.

[Photo Credit: TNT]

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