Pistons inbound blunder against the Rockets. Photo Credit: Bally Sports Detroit Photo Credit: Bally Sports Detroit

Detroit Pistons have struggled mightily this season to put it nicely. In fact, they are on pace to finish this season with the worst record in the history of the NBA. And one play in their matchup on Friday night against the Houston Rockets helps explain why the team has been so bad.

When you are 3-35 on the season, it is safe to say that you likely have your fair share of mental mistakes that lead to this many consecutive losses.

A great example of this came in the first quarter on Friday night. Rockets center Alperen Sengun went to the free-throw line to try and convert an and-one, which he was able to do.

Piston guard Killian Hayes then retrieved the ball to inbound it after the make. He swiftly passed it to Isaiah Stewart to take the ball up the court.

The only problem is that Stewart didn’t understand the situation. He then walked out of bounds to go and inbound the ball himself, which is obviously an inbound turnover.

It’s obviously a pretty frustrating mistake for fans to see their team make in what has been perhaps the most frustrating season in the history of the organization.

As you would expect, fans took to social media to poke fun at the Pistons for this boneheaded turnover.

It’s safe to say that as long as things like this are happening in Pistons games they won’t be winning too many games in the near future.

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