It’s been over 20 years since He Got Game hit movie theaters. The film was Ray Allen’s acting debut as the then-Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard was just beginning his NBA career. It appears that Allen and filmmaker Spike Lee are interested in a He Got Game sequel and have an idea who which current young NBA player they want to star.

While on The Encore podcast, Lee and Allen talked with Sage Steele about the final two episodes of The Last Dance and talk eventually got to He Got Game.

Spike told a story of New Orleans Pelicans power forward Zion Williamson trying to pitch to him and Allen about getting in on the sequel.

“We were trying to, B.C. not “before Christ” but “before corona,” try to get a meet and greet (with Zion). Ray and I were going to go to a home game in New Orleans. So I’m still for it. The story is murky in my mind, but the material is so rich.”

Unfortunately, Spike revealed that Denzel Washington didn’t want to take part in a sequel but surely he could make that work regardless. Would Zion Williamson have what it takes to be an actor? It seems pretty early in the process so he’ll have some time to prep for the potential role if the film happens.

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