Klay Thompson and Steph Curry golf tournament Photo Credit: TNT

Klay Thompson hit a terrible golf shot Thursday that struck a fan.

It also struck the funny bone of his playing partner, Golden State Warriors teammate Steph Curry, who laughed so hard he appeared ready to strain a muscle.

Thompson and Curry were paired in TNT’s “The Match,” a made-for-TV event in Las Vegas pitting them against Kansas City Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Longtime Warriors teammate Draymond Green, providing commentary for the match, said recently that Curry had been playing five days a week to prepare.

“The question is — has Klay been golfing every day? And the reality is, I don’t think so,” Green said.

Thompson showed off his rusty skills on the ninth hole at the Wynn Golf Club, slicing his drive far right into the crowd.

As the camera zoomed in for an overhead view, trying to find the ball, Curry could be heard laughing. He tried to say something but was laughing too hard to talk. When the camera cut back to the tee, Curry was doubled over in laughter beside Thompson.

Maybe Green was right — Thompson should have spent more time preparing for the match.

Mahomes and Kelce won the event, which the Chiefs were quick to point out in a series of tweets celebrating their victory.

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