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When you troll Steph Curry, you better be prepared to get it back twice as hard.

Curry and the Golden State Warriors rolled to an easy 133-110 win over the Houston Rockets Thursday night. And Curry had some fun late in the game at the expense of Rockets forward Tari Eason.

The 22-year-old Eason, a 2022 first-round pick, arrived at the game wearing a T-shirt referencing the 1979 cult classic film, The Warriors, featuring the movie’s classic phrase, “Warriors, come out to play!” Eason had also dropped that phrase in an Instagram post in March when the Rockets closed to within a game of the Warriors in the Western Conference standings.

After raining in 29 points against the Rockets, Curry watched the end of the game from the bench. He stuck three water bottles on his fingers, imitating The Warriors villain Luther.

The Warriors film has since turned into a franchise with a comic book series and video game. For those who missed the infamous scene, or don’t remember it, enjoy:

Curry’s revenge troll with the bottles definitely trumped Eason’s T-shirt.

Warriors star Klay Thompson was not impressed with Eason’s T-shirt, especially given the young player recently underwent season-ending surgery.

“That’s pretty lame,” Thompson said. “Especially if you’re not even playing. Like it’s one thing if you’re playing, you’re out there competing. But you’re just gonna be trolling from the sideline.

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