There’s no doubt Stephen Curry is an exceptional shooter. In fact, there’s a chance that when it’s all said and done, Curry might wind up being the greatest pure shooter in NBA history. One thing Curry is great at is shooting from three and a video posted by the Warriors showed him going on a shooting streak that lasted over five minutes and a whole lot of threes.

Sure, it’s a lot less pressure shooting in a practice facility in a non-game situation but Curry was in the zone. You can spend the five minutes counting the shots but @WorldWideWob already did that and counted 103 consecutive three point shots. I personally haven’t seen such dominance since Kevin Malone from The Office kept draining free throws in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse.

The Warriors will need that kind of shooting touch from Curry because they haven’t been that great so far. At 0-2, the Warriors have lost by 26 and 39 points respectively. Sure, they went against two great teams in the Nets and the Bucks but Curry only has a combined 39 points in both games. His production and that of the team will need to step up and if his practice regimen is any indication, Stephen Curry is doing just that.

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