NBA on TNT cartoon graphic

“NBA on TNT” rang in the new season Tuesday with a hilarious cartoon graphic featuring analyst Charles Barkley and some of the NBA’s biggest stars.

The cartoon shows Barkley driving a bus full of NBA players, with the headline, “ALL ABOARD THE CHUCK BUS.”

Barkley is the only one in the cartoon who appears to be playing it straight, although he’s definitely the highest paid bus driver in the world, after Monday’s news that TNT and Barkley had agreed to a 10-year contract that could reach $200 million.

Almost everyone else in the cartoon, however, gets roasted. There’s Kyrie Irving in the second row reading a book with flat earths on the cover entitled, “Everything is a Lie.” Sitting across from them, Nikola Jokić has the MVP trophy perched on his shoulder, while beside him Joel Embiid appears upset. In the back of the bus, Klay Thompson and Ja Morant are arguing, ala their Twitter feud earlier this year.

And the ultimate dig — Russell Westbrook is shown standing outside the bus looking in the window at LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

In short, this is comedy gold, and someone in the “NBA on TNT” graphics department deserves a big raise.

Not surprisingly, NBA fans had a blast dissecting the cartoon on Twitter.


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