Every Thanksgiving, someone posts a picture or video of their Thanksgiving meal not turning out, well, edible. It’s worse when they don’t notice how bad it is, but it’s still very funny when they do realize, in real time, how badly they’ve messed up a meal.

Basically, you don’t want to be that person. Having your turkey lead to you being the Twitter turkey of the day, if you will permit some very, very bad wordplay. There will doubtlessly be more than one nominee this year, but they’re all playing catchup to Gordon Hayward. The newly-minted Charlotte Hornet saw his turkey effort posted to Instagram by his wife, and, well:

That looks, well, horrible! Hayward’s expression is that of a man who knows something has gone horribly wrong, but his wife’s disgusted “Oh, God” when he starts the carving process is what really makes the clip.

Twitter, having been waiting all day for this exact moment (and unlike the turkey itself) was properly prepared.

Let’s all hope that wherever you are today, you’re enjoying some kind of meal that’s better than that effort from Gordon. That’s the kind of low bar pretty much every home cook (or McDonald’s patron) can clear.

Finally, credit to the Hayward family; in this year of isolation, they managed to bring people together for a good cause: mocking that bird.

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