Draymond Green walking to the locker room after latest ejection. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has stated that he has done a ton of work on himself and his temper after being issued an indefinite suspension earlier this season. However, in recent days Green has let his temper get the better of him, first in Tuesday’s matchup against the Miami Heat and then against the Orlando Magic just a day later.

Against the Heat, Green appeared to grab veteran guard Patty Mills around the neck, dragging him to the ground. He was perhaps lucky to be just issued a common foul for the play. But fans very clearly took notice of the pretty aggressive foul.

Things got even worse on Wednesday against the Magic, as Green wasted no time to let his temper get the best of him. Just four minutes into the game, Green took exception with a foul call on a shot attempt from Magic star Paulo Banchero.

He immediately got into the face of the referee who made the call, Ray Acosta, which led to him being issued a technical foul. Multiple Warriors players then attempted to get Green back to the Warriors bench to avoid a second technical.

But Green continued to shout at Acosta. And he clearly said something that bothered Acosta, resulting in a second tech and his ejection from the game.

For Green to be so frustrated about a pretty meaningless call at the beginning of the game here is clearly a problem. And naturally, fans ripped Green for his anger problems yet again getting the best of him here.

As many angry fans pointed out, Green’s ejection is particularly devastating for the Warriors because the team desperately needs to win this game.

Golden State holds just a one game lead over the Houston Rockets for the final play-in spot in the Western Conference. Losing Green just minutes into this game is obviously a big concern.

Stephen Curry notably appeared to be quite frustrated following Green’s ejection, as he was seen shaking his head as Green walked back to the locker room.

Green pretty clearly has some self reflecting to do after this most recent ejection. If he can’t get his emotions under control, not only could it affect the Warriors postseason chances. But he could even perhaps face even more discipline from the NBA.

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