Sacramento Kings fan's cowbell

The Golden State Warriors do not need more cowbell.

In fact, they don’t want any cowbells in Chase Center for Game 3 against the Sacramento Kings Thursday night.

As the Kings rolled to a 2-0 NBA Playoffs lead in Sacramento, enthusiastic fans banged their trademark cowbells. One fan surfaced on Twitter shaking his cowbell directly behind Warriors GM Bob Myers. The fan shook the cowbell with all the enthusiasm of Will Ferrell in the legendary “More Cowbell” skit on “Saturday Night Live.” (Never seen it? Google it— you won’t be disappointed.)

The Kings tweeted the bad news to their fans Thursday.

“Cowbells will not be permitted at Chase Center. Any fan carrying a cowbell will be directed to the outdoor bag check location, where they can check their cowbell and retrieve at the conclusion of the game,” the Kings tweeted.

Kings fans have been banging cowbells for many years, and the practice became a special tradition about 20 years ago after former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson referred to Sacramento as a “cowtown.”

As you can imagine, Twitter had a blast with the cowbell ban, with memes celebrating that “SNL” skit. One fan even posted a work-around for fans, showing how they can download cowbell sounds to their smartphones. (There really is an app for that.)

[Sacramento Kings] Photo Credit: Digits Hoops

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