Kevin Durant has been pretty silent since his big-money deal to move to the Golden State Warriors this offseason. It pretty much has made an already ridiculous collection of talent perhaps the greatest collection of players on one NBA roster in history.

Many fans and sports writers have vilified him for the move, taking him from a hero to a villain overnight. Yet, Durant hasn’t responded back to the vitriol in the day and age of social media blasts.

Instead, he took a measured approach, speaking really for the first time on a national stage during Bill Simmons’ HBO show, Any Given Wednesday.

As Durant said about his move, “Ain’t nobody care about what I want as a person. All they care about is what I can do on a basketball court.”

Clearly, while Durant loved his time in Oklahoma City and committed to many initiatives in the community, he wanted a different adventure in a different city at this point in his life.

It was rather refreshing to hear a professional athlete be honest about his feelings and his own reaction to what people were saying about his decision to shock the world this offseason.

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