Earlier this year, news broke of a Title IX investigation at Auburn with regards to assistant softball coach Corey Myers. Myers, the son of former head coach Clint Myers, was alleged to have pursued relationships with multiple members of the team.

This news broke following the sudden resignation of the elder Myers, which was a surprise given the recent success of the program; Auburn had been to back-to-back College World Series in 2015 and 2016.

Ex-Auburn softball player Alexa Nemeth has accused her former coaches and administrators of abuse, sexual harassment and an ensuing cover-up, according to ESPN.

The allegations, sent to school officials and Alabama governor Kay Ivey in a 14-page complaint, appear quite serious. In a Title IX complaint filed weeks ago, Nemeth wrote that coach Clint Myers allowed his son Corey, an associate coach, to “have relations and pursue relations with multiple members of the team,” then threatened the players when they objected. Nemeth’s complaint was sent through attorney Martin Greenberg.

Corey Myers resigned prior to that trip to Georgia, while Clint Myers retired abruptly on Wednesday, after ESPN approached him to ask about alleged abuse in his program.

Now, there’s a report that in addition to Corey Myers resigning, Auburn actually banned Myers from campus.

Via Tom Junod and Paula Levigne, writing for ESPN’s Outside the Lines:

Two days before the sudden retirement of Auburn softball coach Clint Myers last summer, his son, former associate head coach Corey Myers, was banned from the Auburn campus in a strongly worded letter from the university’s Title IX office.

“We have determined there is sufficient evidence … to conclude that you violated the policy prohibiting ‘pursuing or engaging in romantic relationships’ with more than one student whom you supervised or taught while you were employed as associate head coach of the softball program,” wrote Kelley Taylor, Auburn’s Title IX coordinator, in a letter dated Aug. 21, 2017, and obtained last week by Outside the Lines.

“We have considered the nature of the violations, which we found to have occurred with more than one student and over an extended period, and have determined that the appropriate sanction is that you are not eligible for rehire by the university at any time,” the letter states. “You are banned from campus property and may not attend any university events. Further, you are forbidden from attending any Auburn University softball-related activities or events, whether on- or off-campus.”

Corey Myers has now been banned from two schools, after facing similar sanctions upon leaving Arizona State, although that was reportedly not related to improper relationships with players and/or students. That whole OTL report is certainly worth reading, for the picture it paints of a widespread turmoil and the ineffectiveness of the people charged with oversight.

Auburn’s certainly undergone plenty of turmoil overall of late, and they have a lame duck athletic director as a result:

On Nov. 3, Jay Jacobs resigned as Auburn’s athletic director after months of reports of violations and lawsuits involving not only the softball program, but also track and field, baseball, football and basketball, including the arrest of assistant coach Chuck Person on federal charges stemming from an FBI investigation into bribery and corruption in college basketball. Jacobs is set to leave Auburn on June 1 or when the university finds a replacement.

Definitely wouldn’t want to get an acting AD in there as soon as possible, Auburn.


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