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The collegiate sports landscape has been turned on its head after last week’s announcement that the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins will be joining the Big Ten in 2024.

This move has made it very clear that the Big Ten and the SEC are becoming more and more loaded, and that other conferences will need to make moves to compete.

Reports emerged Tuesday that indicate that the Big 12 is considering adding a number of teams to compete with moves made by the Big Ten and SEC.

According to CBS Sports college football writer Dennis Dodd, the Big 12 is involved in “deep discussions” to add multiple Pac-12 programs, with the possibility of adding up to six teams in the somewhat near future.

Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah are all teams that have been rumored to potentially be on the move to the Big 12, with Oregon and Washington currently being rumored to both the Big Ten and the Big 12.

There is also reportedly a possibility that the Big 12 could merge with what is left of the Pac-12 to create an 18-team league, which would be the largest in the FBS.

Many are torn about these reports and the reality that the Pac-12 could shortly be evaporating.

After USC and UCLA announced their departure from the Pac-12, it was clear that there would be a huge domino effect.

It is quickly becoming likely there will be only two or three power conferences in college sports going forward.

The idea of conference realignment has had very mixed reactions since it has been becoming more prevalent. But that appears to be the future in college sports for years to come.

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