Buzz Williams lobbied for Tony Romo in the CBS basketball booth.

It seems that even some college basketball coaches are big fans of NFL on CBS analyst Tony Romo. After answering a question from CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson about his team’s first-half play against Duke (they were up 38-34 at the break), Virginia Tech head coach Buzz Williams then lobbied for Romo to join the CBS booth (with Jim Nantz and Grant Hill) in place of Bill Raftery:

“Is Nantz calling the game?” “He is.” “Can we sub Tony Romo in for Coach so it’s like NFL on Sunday with you, Nantz and Romo? Get Coach out of there!”

Raftery took it well, saying “I’m out again!” And after the break, Nantz announced that Romo would not be able to make it in (he’s playing golf in the Dominican Republic), and Raftery had another good line.

Plugs like this might add to Romo’s case to be paid $10 million a year.


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