We previously learned that Tennessee sprinter Christian Coleman is better at his sport than football players are. Now we know he’s better at his sport than other track athletes are.

Coleman set a new NCAA record at the NCAA track championships with a 9.82-second 100-meter dash. It is the ninth-fastest time ever recorded, and it was just in the semifinal.

From USA Today:

His time, a personal best by 0.14 seconds, is also the fourth-best in history by an American and a new collegiate record.

“The sky’s the limit as fast as I can ever run. I just wanted to come out here and make it to the final, really. That was the plan,” said Coleman, who has focused the past few weeks on getting out of the blocks quickly.

“I felt like I got a pretty decent start, I separated and got on top of it and I just wanted to finish to the line and make sure I made it to the final,” he said. “It felt pretty good.”

Coleman’s 9.82 breaks the previous NCAA record of 9.89, set by Florida State’s Ngonidzashe Manusha at the 2011 NCAA meet in Des Moines, Iowa.

Coleman’s run was Usain Bolt-like. Nobody was even close.

Coleman is still a ways off of Bolt’s incredible 9.58-second run in 2009, but chances are we’ll see him challenging for an Olympic gold medal, and possibly the world record, in the future. Maybe even as soon as the NCAA finals.

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