Manager ejected while drinking Mountain Dew

Austin Peay college baseball coach Roland Fanning got ejected on Saturday, but at least he got to enjoy some refreshments while it happened.

The first-year coach was ejected in the third inning of the game against Liberty. It happened because Flames pitcher Nathan Keeter hit a home run in the first inning and celebrated toward Austin Peay’s dugout afterward. That caught the ire of Fanning and the Governors as Keeter was almost hit by a pitch in his next at-bat.

The umpires deliberated for a bit about the pitch’s intention and eventually decided that it was indeed deliberate. The pitcher, the catcher, and Fanning were all ejected as a result.

Taking the moment to another level, Fanning approached the umpire to discuss the ejections while chugging a big liter bottle of Mountain Dew.

That’s a boss move right there. And to make it even better, here’s footage of Fanning saluting the crowd with the Mountain Dew bottle on his way out.

Fans on social media had a field day with the incident. One person wrote, “Lol lol this is amazing” while another tweeted “It is the ultimate performance drink.”

Another fan saw a financial opportunity in the viral moment, saying “I see an NIL opportunity in his near future!”

The good news for Austin Peay is that the remaining players rallied behind their ejected brethren, eventually winning the game 18-15.


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