As far as the fast food hierarchy goes, In-N-Out is a thing of legend.

The west coast has long had the beauty that is In-N-Out. People from the midwest and the south believe they can compete with the chain by tossing out Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, or Zaxby’s, but alas, none of the trio can hold a candle to the beauty of a double double or animal style fries.

When Colorado Buffaloes head coach Mike MacIntyre promised his team In-N-Out after a statement win over Stanford, it was a moment where he couldn’t go back on his word. While Colorado is close enough you would think In-N-Out is old hat, the team still wanted a taste of that sweet, sweet nectar.

If you’re a recruit and you see this tweet, how does this not weigh into your decision? This is such a good deal that there has to be an NCAA violation somewhere, In-N-Out is a hell of a reward.

Similarly, Mike Riley, when he was coaching at Oregon State, would take his players there after a big win.

Urban Meyer and Nick Saban may think their coaching mantle is safe, if Mike MacIntyre has anything to say about it, his coaching style may begin taking the nation by storm, one double double at a time.

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