Jim Harbaugh is essentially composed of a secretly-guarded composite mixture of steak, whole milk, whitebread Midwestern values, and a nearly-maniacal streak of competitiveness. He’s also turned Michigan football into, essentially, a 365-day content generation machine, presumably designed to capitalize on everyone’s willingness to point out how ridiculous Jim Harbaugh can be in his constant commitment to being a 110% version of himself for the sake of recruiting, or something.

Today, that brings us this tweet, which is a fairly perfect summation of Harbaugh, live from the set of a staid CBS drama literally titled Blue Bloods:

It’s important to note that Harbaugh’s determining factor for television quality isn’t actually the finished, televised product. It’s the people involved, their willingness to treat him to a visit and ostensibly their talent and commitment (in the estimation of Jim Harbaugh, whose estimation Jim Harbaugh values above all others). This is a look behind the scenes of not just a CBS show that has been on the air now for, let’s see…holy shit, 7 seasons?!? How the hell has this been around since 2010? Does Tom Selleck have nothing better to do?

Okay, anyway, it’s a look at what Harbaugh mythologizes, the idea that inherent personal character and qualities manifest in success or talent, on the field or off. The Michigan Man Mystique, which is a book that would probably sell really well if you played it straight, and also if you wrote it as satire, because Michigan Men aren’t exactly of a bent to pick up on those sorts of signals.

Anyway, that’s what Jim Harbaugh has been up to. Tune in next time when he, I don’t know, tours a Denny’s and proclaims it America’s best restaurant. Not just any Denny’s, either. That specific Denny’s, in Evansville, Indiana, where Harbaugh is visiting for no apparent reason.

[h/t Jim Harbaugh’s Twitter]

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