After wrapping up the spring practice portion of their offseason schedule a week ago, the Michigan Wolverines are traveling abroad to Italy. The football team arrived safely and is already busy doing some sightseeing and charitable efforts on their spring trip. Of course, when abroad, there always has to be some time carved out to do some shopping, and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has wasted no time in getting the best deals he can find.

Harbaugh, who is the highest-paid head coach in college football, negotiated himself a deal over a pair of sunglasses from a street vendor as Michigan’s trip got underway. Harbaugh bartered with the street vendor over a pair of €12 shades, knocking the price down to €10, which is currently equivalent to $10.73 in the United States. With them, he looks just a bit more like his idol, Bo Schembechler.

It’s funny how a coach who is paid mega millions to coach football would spend the time haggling with a street vendor over such a low-ticket item, but at least Harbaugh ended up leaving a tip of sorts.

Michigan made plans to visit Italy during the spring after the NCAA pulled the plug on the idea of taking a team on a spring break trip for spring practices, which Harbaugh and Michigan did last year. Once the NCAA’s ruling was made official, Harbaugh was quick to drop the idea of going to Italy, which has now become reality. Aside from haggling over souvenirs, Harbaugh and Michigan have already met with members of the media in Italy to discuss their trip, do some sightseeing and meet with refugees currently located in Italy. Michigan donated bags of gear to refugees and Harbaugh attempted to explain to a refugee from Nigeria why an American football is called a football.

In fairness, the refugee from Nigeria has an excellent point. It’s just a good thing the refugee didn’t ask Harbaugh about the spot in last season’s Ohio State game.

This has been just one day of Michigan’s trip to Italy. Who knows what will come tomorrow?



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  1. It’s what you do with street vendors in Italy. It’s expected, if you don’t you’re an idiot.

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