Gonzaga's Josh Perkins went flying into his own bench Saturday.

Players diving for loose balls often create collisions, and Gonzaga’s Josh Perkins gave us one of the heaviest in a while Saturday. In the Zags’ second-round game against the Ohio State Buckeyes, Ohio State’s Keita Bates-Diop went for a layup and got blocked by Gonzaga’s Rui Hachimura. That led to a loose ball bouncing towards the Gonzaga bench, and Perkins dove to try and keep it inbounds. But he couldn’t quite pull it off, and his momentum carried him through a chair in the first row of the bench (which fortunately was empty) and into coordinator of analytics and video operations Riccardo Fois in the second row. Perkins hit Fois pretty hard, and both crashed to the floor:

Fortunately, both appeared to survive the occasion okay, and Fois’ glasses even appear intact. But this led to lots of Twitter commentary:

Good god almighty indeed.

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