We’ve already seen one huge upset today in college football, and we could be heading for a few more if the late afternoon SEC scores hold.

LSU is currently locked up in a tight game with Mississippi State at home, for example, and while there’s plenty of the second half remaining for them to pull away for the win, things haven’t been easy so far, especially for their offense.

One of their scores came on a pick-six, for example:

That was topped by this touchdown pass from Myles Brennan, which seemed more like a desperation heave than a likely score when it left his hand. Probably because he was basically falling backwards as a wave of Bulldogs swarmed him.

What’s great about that play is that as the camera pans, we see that LSU actually had an uncovered receiver on that part of the field, but the throw ended up being more of a jump ball in the one spot where the sole defender could have made a 1-on-2 play on the ball.

Fortunately for LSU, Arik Gilbert was the one who came down with the ball. If not for that, LSU might be trailing, rather than tied 17-17.

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