While the Northeast Conference Championship Game between the Bryant Bulldogs and Wagner Seahawks lacked in on-court drama, there was plenty of it in the stands.

Bryant blew out Wagner 70-43 and will go to the 2022 NCAA Tournament. Near the end of the game, some drama began to unfold in the seats right behind the Wagner bench.

The incident involved fans, as well as players, with Wagner’s Will Martinez trying to get into the crowd. Martinez was ejected, fans were cleared out, and the game was delayed for 25 minutes.

The tensions were high before the game. When the Wagner players got off of their team bus, Bryant fans were seen yelling at the Seahawks players, including shouting obscenities at Martinez.

Naturally, everything that happened had fans — including people who were present — reacting.

That’s true; it may not have quite rivaled what we saw in 2004’s Malice at the Palace. Still, this is not a good look for anyone involved. It’s a lack of foresight, decency, and common sense all rolled up into one package.

There’s something to be said about conference tournament games being played at the higher seeds home venue. Smaller conferences will have a harder time filling neutral-site venues. Additionally, it rewards teams for having a superior regular season.

But when incidents like this happen, neutral sites look a lot better.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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