Fans who paid for Gonzaga-North Carolina tickets also got to see five seconds of the circus during the first half of Monday’s game. After Gonzaga’s Nigel Williams-Goss airmailed a jumper and UNC’s Joel Berry II appeared to tip the rebound out of bounds, Isaiah Hicks came flying across the baseline to save it.

The problem was Hicks’ save attempt didn’t have enough mustard to get the ball back in bounds. Enter Kennedy Meeks, who jumped across the baseline to give it a second shot and delivered the ball to nearby Theo Pinson.

How did that ball never go out of bounds?! Unbelievable.

It’s tough to tell for sure if the save was clean. At first, college basketball Twitter exploded with ref hatred. But on closer look, the call does not look egregious.

That doesn’t mean the call was necessarily correct, though. Was the ball out of Hicks’ hand before his foot touched out of bounds?

North Carolina save

Possibly, or maybe even probably. But that’s a much closer call than it looked live.

And you’ve gotta credit the Tar Heels’ hustle for not giving up on that play.


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