A 4-8 season may not be enough to can Brian Kelly but it has Jack Swarbrick on the hot seat among fans and alumni.

In fact, they are so passionate that they decided to take out a full page spread in Notre Dame’s student newspaper to voice their displeasure with the athletic director.


This isn’t the only newspaper they will be doing it in according to Sports Illustrated. They have plans to put another ad in a Sunday newspaper yet to be named.

As Brian Kelly begins to look at other options, it may be the smart move for Swarbrick to do the same. Swarbrick has been vital in Notre Dame’s attempts to remain independent in today’s college football landscape.

The ad has a lot to say and points to a lot of the academic misconduct under Swarbrick’s watch. It also brings up the recently vacated seasons that have been a hot button topic for fans upset with the direction of the team.

As the pressure begins to rise in South Bend, it is time for the school to make a decision and stick with it. The boiling point has not been reached yet but with one false move, it could all come tumbling down. Not the best situation to be in right after football season.

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