Coaches having their own radio and TV shows has been a thing in college football for decades, but Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is once again looking in a new direction to share his commentary.

Harbaugh is launching his own podcast, titled Attack Each Day: The Harbaugh’s Podcast, starting on September 5 on the PodcastOne podcast network. Harbaugh’s podcast joins a network that features podcasts hosted by Shaquille O’Neal, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rich Eisen and more, including the popular Pardon My Take.

The opportunities for Harbaugh crossing over with any of these podcasts is enticing, and I really want to hear Harbuagh and Stone Cold podcasting together from the Broken Skull Ranch if possible. Harbaugh will regularly feature interviews with family members like his father, Jack Harbaugh, and his brother, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

“I can think of no better way to launch our new network than with Coach Jim Harbaugh,” said PodcastOne founder and executive chairman Norm Pattiz, according to Sports Illustrated. “Jim represents an established, well-respected voice in sports, and his vision for this show is certain to become a must-listen for sports fans everywhere.”

Now that Harbaugh and Darnold have a podcast, that got me thinking. Who else from the world of college football should we want to hear on a regular podcast? Here are my top five podcast wish list candidates.

1. Steve Spurrier

don’t try convincing me you wouldn’t want to hear Spurrier’s unfiltered comments and thoughts about college football in a weekly podcast form. The master of jabs and quick wit would certainly make for entertaining commentary with a good background to fall back on for unique stories and perspectives both as a Heisman Trophy winner and a national championship coach.

2. Les Miles

Les Miles is a media sensation. There is a reason my own podcast uses a handful of Miles sound clips in the intro. He would be a natural for a podcast. Much like Spurrier, Miles can bring a unique sense of humor and personality to any podcast, yet he can also shed good insight on the game in the same breath.

In fact, how about we get a Spurrier and Miles podcast started up?

3. Mike Leach, Washington State

Few coaches could span as many topics in the span of one podcast like Mike Leach. If his Twitter timeline is any indication, you should never know what to expect when tuning into a Mike Leach podcast. Sure, Leach can go in-depth about his offensive philosophy and coaching techniques, but that’s not what you would tune in for. You would be more interested and may learn more by letting Leach open up the history books and lecture you on any number of moments through history. And he may offer a few shots at some certain individuals in Texas from time to time.

4. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State

I know I’m always interested to hear what Mike Gundy has to say, and he is rarely one to hold back. With Oklahoma State expected to be a Big 12 contender, and perhaps a playoff candidate (?), this would seem to be a good year to get started on a Gundy podcast. We could also dig back through the years of his coaching career in Stillwater and get his reflective look at his signature mullet and moments like this…

5. P.J. Fleck, Minnesota

Fleck already has a special TV documentary series following his leadership at Minnesota, so a podcast may not be in the fold this time around, but I’d imagine Fleck would bring a similar listening experience to my iPhone that Harbaugh will be. It would also be a good opportunity for Fleck to teach more about his “Row the Boat” mantra.

So, who did I miss? What college football personality would you want to hear hosting a podcast? Keep this list going in the comment section below, or on Twitter.

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