Dec 6, 2021; Notre Dame, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish head football coach Marcus Freeman speaks during his formal introduction on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t have a rivalry without a rival and new Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman is making himself really known among Ohio State Buckeye fans.

Freeman, who is an Ohio State grad and worked as a grad assistant there in 2010, took a pot shot at his former school’s lack of academic prowess during an interview with CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd.

“I’m not saying from top to bottom, but the majority of our kids, they — I want to say this the right way — are pushed to learn and their study habits are formulated every day,” said Freeman. “You can’t cheat academics at Notre Dame.”

“You don’t go to class [at places like Ohio State]? OK, take some online classes, show up for your appointments. At Notre Dame, you’re forced every day to go to class.”

Harsh words from a guy who played under Jim Tressel.

Naturally, Freeman’s comments did not go unnoticed by Ohio  State fans.

Fans are already warning Freeman to watch what he says because the two schools do play one another this year on September 3. Some even recall doing a little school work for him while he was in school at OSU.

One former Buckeye has seemly come out to defend his school…kind of.

But another former Buckeye player may have spoken for all Ohio State alums.

You better believe OSU fans won’t forget these comments anytime soon.


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