Weird college football road trips are always fun. Last week, for example, Oklahoma State traveled to South Alabama. This week, UCLA is playing at Memphis, a game kicking at noon eastern despite the fact that Memphis is in the central time zone and UCLA is traveling from the Pacific time zone.

There are many other examples.

But this isn’t a post designed to serve as an inventory of weird college football road trips, although that’s certainly a post worth writing. Rather, it’s focusing on one specific road trip, this weekend’s contest that sees Wisconsin traveling to Provo, Utah, to take on BYU.

It’s not a secret or an over-generalization to say that Wisconsin fans enjoy drinking. Wisconsin bars outnumber grocery stores 3 to 1. (It’s not an insult, either. Drinking can be fun! Plenty of college football fans drink, etc.) Utah, though, is not the best state to visit; beer is limited to 4% ABV. And Provo doesn’t have many drinking establishments, either. And that’s actually selling it short; they only have two bars.

That’s according to  SB Nation’s Matt Brown:

Before I get Well Actually’d about this, this doesn’t include places like Chili’s, where you can get a beer, or liquor stores, grocery stores, private clubs, or bars at hotels. And there are bars in nearby cities, like American Fork or Orem. I’m just talking about bars with Provo addresses. And that leaves us with City Limits and ABG’s Libation Emporium.

And the latter of those two bars is going to open up early to accommodate visiting Wisconsin fans:

But ABG’s representative isn’t worried about actually running out of alcohol.

“We have 53 flavors of beer and probably the largest liquor selection in the [Utah] Valley,” the rep said.

Update: Intrepid Wisconsin fans on location at ABG wrote to inform me that ABG had changed their minds and will open at 10 AM local time on Saturday. Hopefully they’re bringing reinforcements.

They’re totally going to empty that bar of alcohol. There’s no way around it.

[SB Nation]

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1 thought on “One Provo bar opening early to accommodate Badger fans ahead of BYU-Wisconsin

  1. Provo has a ton of bars, so the new one opening was pretty amusing. I mean, when I was living around, i found a bunch of good places to drink, so the fact that a new bar had to open to accomodate the football fans is quite astonishing. Still, it’s neverbad to have more of the good stuff. Local bars are quite the scene.
    Still, one should never haste. if this bar is good even after the fans have had their way, it’s one thing, but if it’s just a rugged boring place with bad drinks that tried to get the most out of the early opening, that’s quite different.

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