It’s conference tournament weekend for plenty of mid-major schools, and also the Big Ten.

That means it’s time for tickets to be punched, and today, Radford punched their ticket in incredibly fun fashion. Taking on Liberty in the Big South championship game (a home game for Radford thanks to Big South tournament rules), the game was tied in the final seconds. Radford held for the final shot, and then, this:

That’s a great scene, and it makes me wish more conferences did home-site conference tournaments. Radford is currently projected near the bottom of the seed lines, but they’re not in the worst shape:

In other fun tournament moments, Loyola-Chicago was taking on Illinois State in the final of Arch Madness, the very well named Missouri Valley Conference tournament.

The Ramblers hadn’t made an NCAA Tournament appearance since 1985, depriving all of us of a truly great collegiate nickname. Fortunately, that changed today:

Two great stories and moments. The tournament can’t get here soon enough.

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