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When the NCAA changed its rules to allow college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness, it was met with celebration from college athletes across the country who could now receive compensation from the multi-billion dollar industry that makes money off their labor. But it seems not everyone was happy with that decision.

During a recent hearing on the merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made it clear that he is against college athletes profiting form their name, image, and likness.

“The court ruled unanimously that the NCAA can’t invoke their rules. And so they’ve completely screwed up college athletes. We used to be proud – many of us loved watching amateur athletes who weren’t paid,” Paul lamented. “Now everybody that plays basketball in college is gonna be driving a Bentley or a Rolls. I mean, we’re gonna be seeing rap stars instead of basketball stars. I mean, this is crazy.”

“And you know why it happened?” Paul asked. “Cause Congress sat around and said ‘Oh, well because of antitrust we can’t let the NCAA do it. It went to the court, and the court made the ruling – unfortunately, a unanimous ruling based on the law. So the law’s got to change.”

They were certainly some controversial comments, and they generated plenty of reactions on social media.

It’s certainly a controversial opinion, and Paul was blasted for it.

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