Thanks to the wonders of social media and Photoshop, the crying Michael Jordan face is now ubiquitous in sports. If you are somehow not familiar with the Crying Jordan meme itself or its background, here is a quick explainer.

For the rest of us, we knew heading in that Monday night’s championship game had all-time Crying Jordan potential. Not only was Jordan’s alma mater playing in the biggest college basketball game of the year, but the man himself would be in attendance. When the Tar Heels actually lost in heartbreaking fashion to Villanova at the buzzer, the perfect storm had materialized.

Twitter did not disappoint, and if you were scrolling through your feed Monday night, the Photoshops were impossible to miss. For your convenience, we compiled the 10 best Crying Jordan faces from Monday night and Tuesday morning here in one place.

Honorable Mention: Not quite the proper execution here, but still major points for creativity.






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