The Hoops Column has unearthed video of LaVar Ball hooping in a Chino rec league.

It’s really bad. Imagine, if you will, LaVar Ball (and all his talk, and hype, and constant self-involvement) playing basketball, and being bad at it. This is worse.

Here it is. LaVar Ball is #8 on the red team, though you could probably have guessed that from the cherry-picking:

Oh my god, it’s all too perfect. Now, to be clear, LaVar Ball is 48 years old. His opponents in that video all seem to skew quite a bit younger, and though I’ve personally played with many guys in their 40s who could still play plenty of ball, I’m also from Indiana, which isn’t a fair comparison. (Old-man game in Indiana is basically regular game in most other states.)

LaVar Ball was obviously once a good athlete, and there’s no shame in aging out of your prime. But there’s age-related decline, and then there’s being the guy no one wants to play with when the community center has open gym.

Come on man. Within 90 seconds of the video, Ball does make a good read to intercept a pass, then attempts to fire a ball off the backboard to himself, fails, loses the ball, and gets bailed out by his teammates.

He also fails to box out, fails to get back on defense, fails to actually catch long passes he calls for after cherry-picking (his sons come by it honestly), and just all around seems to be bad at basketball. A reminder: he said he could have beaten Michael Jordan one-on-one.

Now, of course, no one actually took him seriously about those claims. Even LaVar knows he’s simply taking advantage of his own particular fifteen minutes, which keeps getting extended out longer and longer as shows like First Take have him on multiple times.

But there’s “not as good as you led the world to believe while on the greatest media run of outlandish hyperbole in recent memory”, and then there’s being a basketball version of Milos from Seinfeld:

LaVar Ball is Milos.

[The Hoops Column]

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