An alleged criminal picked the wrong person to run from.

As the Orlando Sentinel reports, on Wednesday, a group of teenage girls at a cheerleading camp noticed they were being recorded in a bathroom stall at the CFE Arena. After telling their coach, a chase for the man, Jonathan J. Hui, began. Police, the girl’s coach, and a camp staff member went after Hui. Hui reportedly continued to run when Tristan Payton, wide receiver and kick returner on the UCF football team, chased him down and held him until police arrived.

“Out of all the people, he picked [to run from] the wide receiver, one of the fastest guys on the team,” UCF Police Chief Richard Beary told the Sentinel. 

The police nabbed Hui’s phone before he deleted the videos and he was charged with burglary, lewd and lascivious behavior, and four counts of video voyeurism.

Beary awarded a challenge coin to Payton. It’s well-deserved. He prevented a more serious crime from happening and caught the man who was alleged to have filmed teenage girls. Hui picked the absolutely wrong location to try to commit a crime – as being at the arena, there had to be athletes with more advanced running skills than his. Payton fits that bill and then some.

Good for Payton for assisting police and taking down an alleged criminal. If football doesn’t work out, he should try his hand at being a cop. Something tells me he might be good at it.

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