Houston Astros Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When the Dallas Cowboys take on the San Francisco 49ers this week, they might benefit a bit from some inside information courtesy of former Niners quarterback Trey Lance. But Niners general manager John Lynch

During an appearance on KNBR’s “Murph and Mac” show Friday morning, John Lynch downplayed the notion that Trey Lance will provide inside information, and called out the Houston Astros in the process.

“There is information you can share,” Lynch said according to David Bonilla of 49erswebzone.com. “My experience with that as a player is it tends to screw you up more than it does help you. I mean, this isn’t the Houston Astros over there banging a drum for fastballs. He can’t do that over there. And now, everything’s through the headset.

“I think the closest thing to it, back in the day, when coordinators actually used to signal things in, you could glean some things, and people did. … There was more you could glean, but I do know that playing the quarterback position, he’s probably been more privy to a lot of the scheme thoughts and all that, but I don’t think there’s a whole lot.”

Even if Lance does provide some sort of information, it’s clear that Lynch isn’t worried about it.