Aaron Rodgers Jan 8, 2023; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) walks off the field following the game against the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is scheduled to begin his “darkness retreat” later this week.

But NFL.com insider Ian Rapoport had previously reported that Rodgers would begin the darkness retreat on Monday. That made for surprising television on Tuesday when Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show to discuss how he handles media reporting. He specifically took aim at Rapoport and Adam Schefter, ESPN’s NFL insider.

“There’s an inner circle and in my inner circle, nobody talks to Ian Rapoport or Adam Schefter or to any of those people,” Rodgers said told McAfee. “Just stop with the fake news.

“I have no problem with Ian Rapoport, Schefter. I think they’re really good at their jobs,” Rodgers continued. “When it comes to me, they don’t know sh*t. They really don’t. They don’t have people in my inner circle who are sources, I can promise you that. And anybody who would talk to them is not in my inner circle. It’s that simple.”

Rodgers then doubled down on Rapoport’s “bullshit” report.

“How many f*cking narratives can come from one show where they didn’t even actually listen to what I said,” Rodgers said. “And again, nothing against Rapoport, but he doesn’t have anybody who knows legitimately what’s going on in my life. So for him to say something, ‘Monday through Thursday I was supposed to be in there,’ that was never the plan. It hasn’t been the plan for four months. So don’t make sh*t up. I don’t have your number, you’re not gonna have my number, you do a great job, but not when it comes to my life, so stop talking about it.”

The NFL world was quick to react to Rodgers’ latest media appearance:


Rapoport and Schefter did not immediately comment on Rodgers’ latest salvo.