Aaron Rodgers Joe Namath A TCB illustration of Aaron Rodgers and Joe Namath. Credit: USA TODAY Images

The New York Jets are spiraling, Zach Wilson hasn’t played well, and Aaron Rodgers doesn’t think Joe Namath is helping. Things for the Jets haven’t gone well at all since Week 1. While the team celebrated a victory over the Buffalo Bills that night, Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles injury had an adverse effect. Wilson has not played well again under center, leading to two straight losses for New York. The New England Patriots defeated the Jets over the weekend, and Wilson’s performance was less than stellar.

Namath, a Jet legend and the quarterback for the team’s lone Super Bowl win destroyed Wilson in a rant. Rodgers appeared on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ Tuesday, making a scheduled appearance, and responded to Namath’s words. Suffice it to say, the former multi-time NFL MVP wasn’t happy.

“I said it to them in the preseason: our toughest task is handling success,” Rodgers said. “And that’s whether we’re having success or not having success. It doesn’t mean you’re winning all the time; you gotta handle it the right way. It’s when we’re not having success; how do we respond? How do we respond to adversity?”

“And that goes for our fanbase and former players as well. You’re not helping the cause,” Rodgers said.

Granted, while Rodgers isn’t necessarily wrong, the Jets are in a helpless situation. No matter how many positive outlooks the team might have, the quarterback position is clearly restricting them. And that figures to continue as long as Rodgers is sidelined with his Achilles injury.

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