There was a lot of information to be gleaned from Aaron Rodgers’ appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday. In his first appearance since Friday’s diatribe about the reasons that he did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine in which he namechecked the “woke mob” and “cancel culture,” quoted Martin Luther King, Jr., and mentioned that he was taking medical advice from Joe Rogan. He since received plenty of strong criticism from NFL circles, was satirized on Saturday Night Live, lost a health organization sponsorship, and saw his role in the State Farm commercials be diminished.

A contrite Rodgers admitted that he “misled some people about my status, which I take full responsibility for those comments.” He also tried to back away from the massive controversy he started, saying “I’m gonna get back to doing what I do best and that’s playing ball…further comments I’m gonna keep between me and my doctors.” He also doubled down to say “I have a lot of admiration for Joe [Rogan]” and that he hadn’t changed any of his stances from last week regarding vaccines or alternative medicines.

All of that is pretty notable and worth talking about, but it seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about on social media afterward was Rodgers’ hoodie, featuring a The Rise of Skywalker logo. The mere inclusion of a much-derided Star Wars movie was exactly what the internet needed to take this crazy story to the next level.

Seems like Aaron Rodgers can do no right these days, even in the most unassuming of ways. (But seriously, The Rise of Skywalker was pretty terrible…).

[Awful Announcing]

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