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There might not be a bigger disparity in the draft position between the quarterbacks headed to the NFL postseason in the NFC compared to the quarterbacks headed to the playoffs in the AFC.

As NFL reporter Ari Meirov of Pro Football Focus points out, all but one of the quarterbacks currently set to appear in the NFC playoffs were drafted outside of the first round of the NFL Draft. Meanwhile, every single quarterback that’s on pace to play in the AFC Playoffs was drafted in the first round.

“QBs currently in the NFC playoffs: 1) Jalen Hurts: 2nd round pick 2) Kirk Cousins: 4th round pick 3) Brock Purdy: Last pick in the draft 4) Tom Brady: 6th round pick 5) Dak Prescott: 4th round pick 6) Daniel Jones: No. 6 overall 7) Taylor Heinicke: Undrafted,” Meirov said in a Tweet.

The only NFC quarterback on pace to make the playoffs that was selected in the first round was Daniel Jones, who was selected with the No. 6 overall pick by the New York Giants in the 2019 NFL Draft. That is certainly not the case in the NFC.

“Different story in the AFC: 1) Josh Allen: 1st-round (7th) 2) Patrick Mahomes: 1st-round (10th) 3) Joe Burrow: 1st-round (1st) 4) Ryan Tannehill: 1st-round (8th) 5) Lamar Jackson: 1st-round (32nd) 6) Justin Herbert: 1st-round (6th) 7) Tua Tagovailoa: 1st-round (5th)

It will certainly be interesting to see how all of these quarterbacks fare in the postseason.

[Ari Meirov]